Sevilla tiene un color especial


In Vienna, Rodrigo and I always have discussions about how one cannot have breakfast at 1pm anymore. In Spain, it can easily happen. So I am not surprised when we only set off at around 12 to have breakfast. I don’t even question it anymore.

Today we decide not to take any public transport and walk into the city centre, looking the most touristy that is possible, equipped with cameras, lenses, belts and what not. So here we go: Sevilla in pictures (Rodri’s and mine)!

1. Semana Santa

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2. Metropol Parasol (Daytime)

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3. Plaza de España

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4. Streets, Buildings, People

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The only thing that I completely forgot when planning our trip was to book tickets to Alcazar in advance. The queues are incredibly long and we’d have to wait around 3h to get in, so we decide to come back some other time.

In the evening we figure out that Rodrigo’s friends, Atousa and Lena, are in Sevilla too, so we want to spend the rest of the day with them. However, the streets are absolutely crazy during Semana Santa. The traffic is enormous, every corner is crowded with people and we are fighting ourselves through the masses only to find that we have to turn around again and try another route because we’re not allowed to cross the processions. When we finally reach the girls after a detour of 20 minutes, we enjoy Tapas and the views from Metropol Parasol, a sort of mushroom-shaped viewing platform (hence, Rodrigo suggested I should actually name this blog „my first time on shrooms“ 😉 ). It gets super chilly and around 12 we walk home again. At the end of the day, we’ve walked 14,5km.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Fun fact: Google suggests that 2,4km of our route were done by car, which is ridiculous, cause nobody ever drives that slowly. But oh well, Google has already suggested lots of weird things, like one time, when my dad and I were walking along a river, it said we were actually canoeing, and another time it said the type of transport was a wheelchair.

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