Sevilla to Córdoba


It’s difficult to wake Rodrigo up before 10am, but somehow I manage. We have to bring our suitcases to the main bus station and store them there. At 10, we meet Atousa and Lena again for some Porras with lots and lots of hot chocolate sauce, a typical Spanish breakfast.

Our entrance to the huge Cathedral in Sevilla is at 12.45 – if you ever come to Sevilla you really do have to book in advance, otherwise you queue for ages. We spend a lot of time appreciating the architecture.

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We also go up the Giralda, the highest tower of the Cathedral. It’s 34 floors high and the views are incredible. My boyfriend turns out to be as charming as ever:

„Oh cool, we’re already on floor 25. Soon, we’ll get to my age.“ – „Oh god… that means we have to walk another 40 floors…“

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Afterwards we go for a quick lunch. I make the mistake to tell Rodri that he should order just anything that I might like and end up with some weird and really not enjoyable sea spider paste (I am NOT the biggest fan of seafood!) and super extra spicy chorizo sandwich. At least we have something to laugh about.

Once more, we meet the girls and share a taxi to the airport where we pick up our rental car. It’s completely new, has only driven 11km so far. I’m shocked when I see it because I seriously have never driven a car that big. It’s a Hyundai Tucson and almost taller than me. When I sit down, my first words are „God. I need a pillow.“ Turns out I won’t get one. 1.60m girl vs. Tucson: 0:1.


After we’ve picked our car, we continue our trip to Cordoba. We quickly stop in Carmona, a lovely small town with narrow streets and white buildings.

We arrive at 8 in Cordoba and meet Carlos, a nice guy who owns a shop with products made of olives. He has offered to rent out his garage to us for €10 a day, which is very convenient because I do not want to navigate or park our car in such narrow streets.

The garage is just around the corner of our absolutely stunning, cosy and dreamlike apartment called Casa de los Sentidos. The owner greets us with kisses, hugs, a warm smile and insider info about Cordoba. She also gives us a tour through her beautiful house and I immediately fall in love with this place. I wish we could stay longer.

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For Spain, the night is still young and we decide to explore the area. It’s a small town, the streets are decorated with geraniums, the people are warm and happy. Cordoba is also very famous for it’s patios, which are indeed beautiful. The owner of our apartment once took part in the Fiesta de los Patios and she had 18.500 visitors in 13 days! Crazy.

We get to a lovely plaza where we have dinner and then come across a calm Semana Santa procession that I enjoy way more than the ones in Sevilla. It’s not crowded, mainly locals, and the atmosphere is much better. The people carrying the incredibly heavy thrones are encouraged by a man who shouts motivational words at them, such as “Do it for your grandmother, she’ll be proud”, etc. They usually take breaks and put down the thrones, have some water. Then, somebody knocks three times, they get ready, he knocks once, and they immediately lift up the throne. As it is such a difficult thing to do, the crowd always applauds.

A great first night in Cordoba!

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