El que se fue a Sevilla…

Actually, I gave up blogging a while ago. It just took up too much of my time. Choosing photos, editing, etc. is not easy if you’re an absolute perfectionist and at the same time have to grade tons of exams and papers.

Here I am though, enjoying the beauty of Andalucia. Rodrigo convinced me it’d be nice for his and my family to read about what we’re up to. Which is why for the first time ever the entries will be in English, so that his family can read this too (and my family can have loads of fun with google translate fails!).

I’ll keep it simple this time, publish on the go, add a couple of randomly chosen pictures, maybe not even edited (let’s see how long I can handle this…) and a few words about the highlights.

14.04.2019 – Sevilla, here we come!



I will not bother you with detailed information about our long, exhausting, and overpriced 12h-journey from Vienna to Sevilla – unless you’re a teacher who cannot 

travel off-season, you should just never ever travel to Spain around Easter if you’re on a budget! Although there is a lot of authentic culture to enjoy these days, with Semana Santa procesiones all around the city, so it might be worth saving up for this.

We arrive at our hotel around 4.30, have a little siesta and are off to the centre of Sevilla. It’s crowded and loud, tourists AND locals mingling on the streets, all trying to get a glimpse of the “capirotes”.


We are hungry, have barely eaten all day, so we do the one logical thing to do in Spain: Go eat tapas. Who hasn’t toured the bars for tapas, hasn’t been to Spain.



After our stomachs have been successfully satisfied with delicious food, we explore the area. Immediately I regret not bringing my camera today, as the architecture is stunning and fascinating. We both agree that we have to do a photo tour tomorrow, despite the crowds in the city.



Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

This way, the time passes, we get to watch a few processions, have a coffee, do some window shopping and enjoy the warm sun. Sevilla IS beautiful, but some people here seem to be pigs (I actually don’t like saying that, as pigs are quite clean and adorable…). It might be due to the high number of tourists at the moment, but walking around and seeing litter in every corner, under every tree, in every park, makes me incredibly angry and sad. Again, I appreciate how clean Vienna is.


Despite my anger towards littering, I really enjoy our first day here. It’s loud, yes, it’s crowded, yes, but somehow I get to relax nevertheless. The perception of time is different in Spain. Being up late is normal, people live from day to day, make the most of each day and enjoy life a lot. I’ve experienced that on all my travels through Spain.


In the evening (when I say evening in Spain I mean 10pm), we get to enjoy a local Flamenco show in a very private and lovely setting. It is the most authentic and beautiful Flamenco show Rodrigo and I have ever experienced.


Two dancers, a singer, and a guitarist harmonise so well with each other, and many parts of the show are improvised. A grand finale to an exciting day.


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