The day I almost fought a bull

21. April 2019
It takes a while today to get out of the house (if you’ve been following our adventures, you probably know why). At 11.15 we finally make it down to the beach and Balcón de Europa. From there, you have great views over the coast. My personal highlight though are the parrots. You hear them everywhere but you need to look a bit closer to actually see them. They’re so fast when they transport sticks of woods and other stuff from palm tree to palm tree to build their nests. Adorable birds, but very loud.


El que se fue a Sevilla…

Actually, I gave up blogging a while ago. It just took up too much of my time. Choosing photos, editing, etc. is not easy if you’re an absolute perfectionist and at the same time have to grade tons of exams and papers.

Here I am though, enjoying the beauty of Andalucia. Rodrigo convinced me it’d be nice for his and my family to read about what we’re up to. Which is why for the first time ever the entries will be in English, so that his family can read this too (and my family can have loads of fun with google translate fails!).

I’ll keep it simple this time, publish on the go, add a couple of randomly chosen pictures, maybe not even edited (let’s see how long I can handle this…) and a few words about the highlights.