The cold mountain


As we continue our journey towards Montefrío, we stop several times on the way, once in an idyllic small town called Carcabuey, a place worth driving through. Andalusian towns are often built on hills, with a castle enthroned on a cliff. The landscape we pass is characterised by olive plantages and gentle hills, quite charming to look at, despite the rain that has been our company since we left Córdoba.


Montefrío, however, tops any of the towns we’ve seen so far. It is absolutely stunning. Before we hike up to the chapel, we eat traditional food in a well-visited local restaurant. I don’t quite remember the name, but I end up having baked peppers filled with cod puree on a fried courgette. It’s delicious.

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We make our way up Montefrío’s eponymous mountain. If you are lazy, you can walk an easier path or drive up from the other side, but to be honest, you’d miss out on the greatest views and picturesque narrow stairs and streets.

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On top of the „cold mountain“ we meet a lovely man who shows us where to go best if we want to get a good picture of the whole scenery. It’s a national geographic hotspot – about a 10min-drive away – and we’re lucky: Just as we take our final photograph, it starts pouring again. We continue to Granada without any further stops.


As we arrive at our hostel, we are greeted by a freezing room. Since the weather in Andalucia barely ever gets really cold in summers, the owners haven’t really bothered fixing the heating system yet, and unfortunately temperatures are currently around 18 degrees. It seems warmer outside, so we hit the road and walk to the centre. We stroll through the narrow streets of the district Albaicín and our mind wanders off to far Eastern countries. You’ll see why:

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It’s rainy, I’ve been wearing the same pullover for days, and I kind of just want to get somewhere warm, so we decide to not see the sights, but snuggle up in a cosy Shisha restaurant – one of the many you can find in Albaicín. But we do quickly take a first look at the Alhambra we are going to see tomorrow.

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Fortunately, we finish off the day with AMAZING!!! sandwiches in a tapas bar. Eating well always makes me see the near future more optimistically, so I’m ready for a new SUNNY day tomorrow and can suddenly deal with the cold in our room and the stinky pullover much better. Oh, what a hangry person I can be…

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