A mosque? Or cathedral? A mosquedral!


Today, I again have to make the impossible possible and wake up Rodrigo at 7.30 am. Not an easy task, and he is indeed quite grumpy (I get the feeling that I start every blog speaking about his sleeping habits… :P). We want to visit the Mezquita / Catedral de Cordoba at 8.30, supposedly the entrance is free around then. We figure out, though, that this is not the case and have to pay the €10 nevertheless because this offer isn’t valid on public holidays.

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Getting up early nonetheless is a good idea if you want to enjoy this beautiful building without the crowds. We took our time walking through the huge mosque. If you just look around, you don’t notice that, hidden in the centre of the mosque, there is an incredible treasure of amazing architecture: a Cathedral of enormous size and detailed artwork.

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Generally, the mosque combines several buildings styles. Between 600 and 1000, it was continuously extended by several Abts, afterwards the Christians took over and added small chapels inside the building, and the Cathedral in the centre. Byzantine architecture meets gothic style, all within the typical Arab building. It’s absolutely fascinating and it would be a shame to not visit this sight.

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Afterwards we stroll home along the Roman bridge, which was recently restored, and then continue our journey towards Granada.

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The sky is getting darker and the weather forecast doesn’t seem too promising for the coming days. With only one raincoat and barely any warm clothes packed, all we can do is stay optimistic and hope for the sunshine to come back.

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