Let’s go fly a kite


We find a nice cafe to have breakfast at and then walk down to the beach one more time in order to walk the southest we can get. Unfortunately, access to the little island isn’t allowed.

Afterwards we need to do some shopping (I had lost my trackers somewhere so I thought where else would I get cozy travel pants if not in one of the plenty alternative stores).

Then, we visit the beach Valdevaqueros by car. Parking might cost 5 Euros in summer, in April it’s free. We didn’t expect to see SO many kite surfers already, as it’s really cloudy, cold and windy, but the beach is absolutely stuffed. We watch the dance of the kites for quite a while and are surely amazed how the ropes never get tangled. It’s quite spectacular.

The second beach that’s supposed to be really beautiful and quite unspoilt is Bolonia. I’ve seen nicer beaches, but it’s for sure a lovely visit for a sunny day out. The cutest thing is when Rodrigo sees a dog in the distance that is scared of the water and doesn’t know how to get across. He shouts for the dog and waves and points out some stones to step on until the dog finally notices what’s going on and follows him. When he reaches the other side, he’s so happy and jumps around Rodrigo to say thanks.

Afterwards, we proceed to our final stop, Cádiz. It’s really impressive. If you come by car, you should take a left and go around the island clockwise, this way you’ll pass the Cathedral and it’s a lovely first impression of the city.

Parking in Cádiz

Parking in Cádiz is a bit tricky, but you can find free parking in the are of Santa Catalina, the old prison of the city. Any parking spot that’s not marked in yellow or blue is fine. Also try the streets down towards Calle San Judas. Don’t go any further into the centre, there is NO parking and the streets are super narrow. If you really cannot find a spot, or if you have to leave your suitcases in the car, I rather recommend parking at the Santa Catalina parking area that is protected. It’s the cheapest in the city, you pay €14,99 for 12 to 24 hours (so basically 12h are for free). You don’t want your stuff to be stolen, and from locals we know, that it has happened sometimes. If you don’t leave anything in the car and your car is insured, it’s fine to park on the street.

Accommodation: For tonight, I’ve booked a room via booking.com in Calle San Judas 2, and I would like to personally recommend this place. If you ever go to Cádiz, try to stay with Paqui. She’s amazing! She is probably one of the loveliest people I’ve met in Andalucia. The room she rents out is in her apartment, so don’t be surprised that she’ll be around, and probably also her son. Nevertheless she does give us all the peace we need. She tells us lovely stories and is a super fun person. Lovely accent, great humour. However, note that she only speaks Spanish, no English, but she communicates so well with her body that I understand quite a lot and feel absolutely welcome. She continuously compliments us on what a pretty couple we are. The room itself is amazing, clean and super comfy.

Food: In the evening, we randomly walk through the streets and find a nice place to eat, it’s called Restaurante San Francisco uno and also has a lot of vegetarian stuff, which is sometimes a bit tricky to find in Spain.

The streets in Cádiz are the first ones to make orientation quite tricky for me. They all sort of look the same and without google maps I barely find our way. I normally have a great sense of orientation and immediately visualise the whole map and remember it, but Cádiz is a labyrinth. Especially in our case, as suddenly all the lights in our barrio go off and people stand on the streets with torches, complaining about how they were watching an interesting TV show right now and would like to continue. In the dark, we find our apartment again nevertheless. Here’s another tip: if you walk through any Spanish city, watch your steps. People don’t pick up the dog poo as they do in Austria. It’s quite a struggle sometimes to avoid bumping into people and stepping into sh… at the same time.

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